About us

Making AI Beneficial

We believe artificial intelligence (AI) will make a clear impact on our lives. 

Just as the advent of the Internet lowered the barriers of global transportation and communication, 

just as smartphones have tremendously changed human lifestyles, advances in AI technology will be another great shift for humanity. 


However, the development of AI technology has just begun. 

AI technology still requires significant progress, and there are many obstacles to tackle in order for AI to make a difference. 

We are business-savvy technicians, who have experience not only in developing AI technology

but also in applying state-of-the-art technologies to real-world services at global companies.


From our experience, we know what "obstacles" we need to overcome to apply AI technology to businesses. 

We aim to share our experience and tools for the rapid application of AI technology,

and thus to make AI more beneficial to our lives.



Meet our passionate and collaborative team
who will be the best partner for your AI transformation journey.

Sung Kim
AI Biz & Tech
Hwalsuk Lee
CV Engineer
Lucy Park
NLP Engineer
Russell Kim
RecSys Engineer
Jaekyung Bae
AI Research Engineer
Sungjoon Park
AI Research Engineer
Henny Son
AI Edu & Marketing
Junyeop Lee
AI Research Engineer
Sanghoon Kim
AI Research Engineer
Yura Sim
Operation Manager
Jenny Moon
NLP Research Engineer
Yongjin Cho
AI Research Engineer
Geonhee Lee
UX Designer
Dayone Suh
AI Research Engineer
Louis Park
AI Research Engineer
Hyeyeon Choi
Finance Manager
Daehyun Nam
AI Research Engineer
Jiho Lee
Software Engineer
Minjee Kang
AI Edu
Hoon Choi
AI Biz
Juhyung Son
Software Engineer
Jongho Park
AI Research Engineer
Hanna Ryu
Jun Seong Kim
AI Research Engineer
Sooyoung Moon
Software Engineer
Sungrae Park
AI Research Engineer
Soonil Kwon
AI Biz
Insook Nam
Jihoo Kim
AI Research Engineer
Minjeong Kim
AI Biz &  
Research Engineer
Chris Yang
AI Edu
Wonsung Lee
AI Research Engineer
Sooyoung Beak
Software Engineer
Junkeon Park
AI Research Engineer

Global Residency

Yoonsoo Kim
Jingqi Gao.png
Jingqi Gao
Juyong Jiang
Peilin Zhou
Sergei Chudov
Jiawei Chen


Lei Chen
Professor at HKUST
Kyunghyun Cho
Professor at NYU
Jungwoo Ha
Head of NAVER AI
Suho Kim
Former partner and leader of financial practice at McKinsey's Korea office


Our corporate culture is evolving in new and better direction every day.

For an introduction to the way we work, communicate, play, think, and collaborate, please see the page below.

And if you want to join us in creating a new great work culture, don't hesitate to join us!

Anywhere on earth, but together
From the beginning, we have cultivated a fully remote working environment.
We are free to work wherever we can produce the best results,
and employ a variety of online tools to stay connected with each other wherever we are.
스크린샷 2021-03-15 오후 3.25.12.png
스크린샷 2021-03-15 오후 3.24.55.png
스크린샷 2021-03-15 오후 3.26.46.png
스크린샷 2021-03-15 오후 3.27.10.png
Our CTO,
working from home in
a mini sauna
Our CEO,
who achieved 10,000
steps per day during
quarantine in Hong Kong
Our AI Research Engineer & Biz Manager,
working from Jeju Island with a beautiful view of
the Jeju sea