We believe artificial intelligence (AI) will make a clear impact on our lives.

However, AI technology still requires significant progress,

and there are many obstacles to tackle in order for AI to make a difference.


We are business-savvy technicians, who have experience not only in developing AI technology
but also in applying state-of-the-art technologies to real-world services at global companies.


We are willing to hold 30-40 minute pro-bono meetings in three languages – English, Chinese and Korean.

We will select two to three organizations each week based on their AI readiness

(and how much trial and error they have experienced).

If you are in an organization who might benefit from talking with us, please fill in the form below.



Sung Kim

Chief Executive Officer of Upstage (KR)

HKUST Associate Professor

Former Naver Clova AI Head

Kyunghyun Cho

Advisor of Upstage

NYU Associate Professor

Former Facebook AI Research Scientist


Lei Chen

Advisor of Upstage

HKUST Big Data Institute Director, Chair Professor