Take your first step

towards AI transformation with us

A future that will change rapidly with AI is not far away. 

AI already exists in all aspects of our lives, and many companies are making numerous investments

to stake out competitive positions in advance in the AI era.


To turn this huge way of change into an opportunity, rather than a crisis, 

nothing is more important than quickly establishing your best strategy.


We analyze the value of your company’s data, methods of utilizing it, 

and internal AI human/material resources and service types 

to establish the optimal business/technology strategy for you to prepare for the future.


The real A to Z experience you were looking for

The first step towards an AI transformation should start with people.

We provide optimal AI training to all members, not only developers but also PMs and CXOs.


Experience Upstage's AI education program designed and operated by TECH-BIZ experts 

who have actually operated businesses and services using AI technology in global ICT companies.

If you want to speak with our AI education expert, please don't hesitate to request a meeting.



Analyze the state of AI transformation in your organization and customize programs accordingly.


Learn fundamentals of Deep Learning and essential theories

for business-oriented AI development.



Practical training

Learn how to improve the performance of AI models and conduct practical exercises for AI service development.


Tabular Data Classification / Regression

Image Classification /

Image Segmentation / Object Detection

Deep Knowledge Tracing

KLUE(Korean Language Understanding Evaluation)

POS Tagging / NER / Open-Domain Chatbot

Visualization for EDA

Recommender System / Time Series

Lightweight Modeling Techniques

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boostcamp AI Tech program operated by Upstage


Expand your career with AI STAGES

AI STAGES provides many features to help AI developers manage their careers

including competitions for AI problem solving as well as recruitment services and developer communities.

People on AI STAGES say

AI STAGES is a platform optimized for education in the form of competitions. You can be highly motivated by competing with other people on the leaderboard. In addition, through lectures by AI experts and discussions with mentors provided during the learning course, you will be able to learn the skills of making better ML models.

— Limerobot, Machine Learning Engineer, Gyeonggi-do

For AI developers

Verify your abilities and design your career as a competitive developer

For HR

Minimize complex proficiency verification steps

and optimize the recruiting process for hiring AI experts

For companies

Solve AI problems that are difficult to tackle with only your internal resources